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Diploma and Certificate Requirements



Diploma Programme Options at CSHS

  • Diploma Candidates - students take six IB courses, in addition to the three DP core requirements (see description of the the Diploma Candidate option detailed below)
  • Course (or Certificate) Candidates - take one or more IB courses based on the student's interests, aspirations and responsibilities outside of school

IB Courses are offered at the Standard Level (SL) or Higher Level (HL) with each of the IBO's six subject groups.  HL courses are taken over two-years, whereas SL courses (with the exception of Math SL, Chinese SL and Theater Arts SL) are one year in length. 

Diploma Candidate Requirements

Diploma Candidates must successfully complete and pass the three Core Subjects (TOK, CAS, and the Extended Essay) as well as:

  • Three (3) Higher Level subject exams and three (3) Standard Level subject exams OR
  • Four (4) Higher Level subject exams and two (2) Standard Level exams

The six subject areas include:

  • Group One:  Studies in Language and Literature
  • Group Two:  Language Acquisition
  • Group Three:  Individuals and Societies
  • Group Four:  Sciences
  • Group Five:  Mathematics
  • Group Six:  The Arts (a Group Six subject may be replaced with a second subject from Group Two, Group Three, or Group Four)

Each of the six subjects is graded on a scale of 1 to 7, with 7 being the highest grade.  Those grades are also used as points in determining the award of the diploma.  TOK and EE are graded A-E, with A being the highest grade.  Those two grades are combined to contribute between 0 and 3 points to the student's total points.  The overall maximum points that may be earned across the six subjects, TOK and EE is 45: ((6 x 7) + 3).  The minimum number of points required to earn the diploma is 24. 

Additional Diploma Stipulations

  • All CAS requirements have been met
  • There is no "N" awarded for TOK, EE or one of the six subjects
  • There is no grade E awarded for TOK and/or the EE
  • There is no grade 1 awarded in a subject/level
  • There are no more than two grade 2s
  • There are no more than three grade 3s
  • The student has gained 12 or more points on HL subjects
  • The student has gained 9 or more points on SL subjects
  • The student has not received a penalty for academic misconduct from the Final Award Committee

 (IBO, Diploma Programme Assessment Producedure 2021, Section A2.2 Award of the Diploma, 

Course (or Certificate) Requirements

In order to receive credit for individual IB courses, students must remain enrolled for the entire length of the course (either one or two years).  Additionally, students are required to register for, and take the appropriate IB exam.  Certificates will be awarded to all students who achieve a passing score on their subject-specific IB exams (4 or more points).