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Senior Poster Directions

Senior Poster How To's

Senior Poster guidlines
  1. Please use standard size poster board - 28” x 22”.
  2. Do not attach any 3-dimensional items or use anything you would be upset to lose!
  3. On the front put the senior’s first name.
  4. On the back side put the senior’s full name and cell #.
  5. Posters can contain baby pics, school pics, sports pics, etc - please follow school guidelines!
  6. Drop posters off at the CSHS front desk beginning 3/1/2023.
  7. Posters can be digitally designed online at Wal-Greens, Wal-Mart & other locations or put together by hand.
  8. You may want to give your senior veto power as the poster will be hanging in the school hallways.