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Attendance Line: (480) 575-2431

If your child is going to be absent, please call the Attendance Line (480) 575-2431.  If no contact is made to the school within 24 hours of the start of the absence, the absence will be considered unexcused. 
Permission to Leave Campus:
1.  Prior to leaving campus during the school day, a student must obtain a Pass to Leave Campus from attendance.  To receive this pass, a parent must call the attendance line (480) 575-2431 before 8:00 AM that morning. 

2.  When it is time to leave class for an appointment, present the Pass to Leave Campus to the teacher.  Bring this pass to the office and sign out.

3.  Upon returning to campus, the student must first sign in at attendance and provide a doctor's note or have a Parent sign student in to school in order to excuse the absence.
Excused Absences
Absences will only be excused for the following reasons:
  • Personal illness
  • Doctor or dentist appointment (documentation must be provided for an excused absence.)
  • Serious family illness or death in the family
  • Religious Holiday

To excuse absences for travel, college visits, or 2 or more non-illness absences, please notify attendance at least 24 hours PRIOR, and complete a Pre-Arranged Absence Form and submit to the Dean's Office.

Click here for: Pre-Arranged Absence Form

 Person picking up a student must be listed on the emergency card and present a valid photo ID.

Attendance Is Essential!

Regular attendance is the key to much of the success a student may gain from his/her school program. Students would remain out of school only when absolutely necessary, as much of the classroom activity cannot be made up. The benefit of lectures, discussion, and participation is lost forever to those who are absent. A doctor’s verification will be requested for excessive illness-related absences. All absences in excess of a cumulative 10% of the instructional days for the school year shall be reported to AZ Department of Education as unexcused.

Parent Responsibility
In order for absences relating to illness, doctor appointment, bereavement, family emergencies, or district approved family vacation to be counted as excused absences, the school must be notified of the absence prior to the absence or when the absence occurs by the parent or legal guardian who has custody of the student.

Parent Notification
Parents will be contacted (by the auto dialer system) for all daily absences.

Excessive Absence/Tardy Procedures

● To prevent a student from unknowingly losing credit, the attendance office will correspond with the student and parents/guardians concerning the district attendance policy only on the first occurrence of the fifth (5th) absence and/or tardy in any class period during the semester. (Loss of Credit Board Policy JH-R)

● Students who reach eight (8) absences and/or tardies in one or more classes during any semester will be automatically placed on ACADEMIC PROBATION. Students will be removed from ACADEMIC PROBATION at the end of the current semester if they have twelve or fewer absences for the current semester with NO TRUANCIES, SUSPENSIONS OR TARDIES AFTER ACADEMIC PROBATION BEGINS.

● Students will be notified that they have been placed on ACADEMIC PROBATION and the student will be given the written conditions of probation and a due process affidavit.

● If the student remains in the class and has no further unapproved absences, and is not involved in disciplinary or disruptive behavior, and is passing the class in all respects, he/she may petition for credit.

● In the case of prolonged absences (90 days) of a student from school, the principal will advise the student’s parent(s) concerning the availability of teaching services for homebound students. The principal will determine in each instance whether provisions for such services are appropriate.

Loss Of Credit
(REF: Board Policy JH-R)
High school students may lose credit for any class in which they accumulate 13 absences and/or tardies during a semester. This accumulation of tardies includes excused and unexcused. The only exception to this rule will be when the administration decides that adequate evidence has been presented indicating an unusual circumstance, such as prolonged illness, requiring an accumulation beyond the maximum of 13 absences or tardies.