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AZ Tax Credit

AZ Tax Credit

Did you know you could make a tax credit donation to the CSHS Drama Club? And it doesn't even cost you anything. Individuals can donate up to $200 and couples can donate up to $400. And the best part is that your donation is given directly back to you come tax season. Its just one way you can dictate exactly what happens to your tax dollars.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3... 4.

  1. Fill out the Tax Credit Donation form and attach your desired donation.
  2. Mail or deliver the form and donation to the school of your choosing (CSHS)
  3. Obtain your receipt
  4. Claim your donation as a Tax Credit (and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.)

Interested in donating to the Cactus Shadows Drama Club and the Shadowbox Players? Use this link to access the tax credit website for more informationPlease be sure to select "other" and write in "Drama Club" to make sure your donation actually goes to the students of Drama Club.